Click here to apply for GO CAPS!*

Our application for the 2020-21 school year is now open with a priority deadline of February 28, 2020.  Applications received after February 28th will be taken into consideration as space allows.  If you want to apply, meet with your school counselor first for further information and to ensure GO CAPS will fit into your schedule. Please contact Karen Kunkel with questions about the application process. 

Worried about fitting GO CAPS in with the other credits you need? Check out the list of school districts participating in the LAUNCH program. If your school district is on this list, you might be able to take a course online so you can still fit GO CAPS into your schedule. Contact your district’s liaison (listed on the page) if you are interested, or have any questions.

*If you think transportation could be a barrier to your participation in the program, click here to apply for transportation assistance.

Important reminders for recently accepted students:

  • We must receive immunization records from your school by May 20, 2019.  GO CAPS will contact your school nurse for records
  • A completed Student Health Inventory must be on file by August 12, 2019.  You will receive this form at your orientation.
  • Students must confirm they have transportation to and from the site classroom and to business partner locations.
  • Students in Medicine and Health Care must have additional immunizations than what is required by Missouri public schools, agree to a TB test and drug screen, receive the seasonal flu vaccine, complete a background check, and complete the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry ($14.25 fee).  There are NO religious or medical exceptions allowed for Medicine and Health Care students.  Do not have your TB test completed prior to July 19, 2019.  We will offer a TB tspot blood test for $68 the evening of orientation if you’d like to participate.
  • GO CAPS follows the Springfield Public Schools Calendar
  • This is a yearlong program

Click here to access the GO CAPS Student Parent Handbook 2020-21

Click here for the list of requirements for Medicine and Health Care Students: Vaccination Requirements 2019-20