Important reminders for recently accepted students:

  • We must receive immunization records from your school by May 20, 2019.  GO CAPS will contact your school nurse for records
  • A completed Student Health Inventory must be on file by August 12, 2019.  You will receive this form at your orientation.
  • Students must confirm they have transportation to and from the site classroom and to business partner locations.
  • Students in Medicine and Health Care must have additional immunizations than what is required by Missouri public schools, agree to a TB test and drug screen, receive the seasonal flu vaccine, complete a background check, and complete the Missouri Family Care Safety Registry ($14.25 fee).  There are NO religious or medical exceptions allowed for Medicine and Health Care students.  Do not have your TB test completed prior to July 19, 2019.  We will offer a TB tspot blood test for $68 the evening of orientation if you’d like to participate.
  • GO CAPS follows the Springfield Public Schools Calendar
  • This is a yearlong program

Click here to access the GO CAPS Student Parent Handbook 2019-20

Click here for the list of requirements for Medicine and Health Care Students: Vaccination Requirements 2019-20